Car Races Players Can Bet On - Car Races Players Can Bet On

Various types of car racing events can be bet on when visiting sportsbooks such as BetTarget UK. As one of the leading sportsbooks internationally, BetTarget is a trustworthy online sportsbook providing their customers with great services and detailed information on each race and how to bet.

Here we look at the most popular race categories to bet on in the UK.

Formula One

Car Races Players Can Bet On 3 - Car Races Players Can Bet On

Formula One is a large racing event attracting attention from all around the world. It’s one of the most-watched sports in the world, making it especially popular among car enthusiasts and speed freaks. There are many races involved with F1, and unlike other races, the cars are completely different from everyday cars used in other races.

Betting on F1 at online sportsbooks such as BetTarget, you can get more betting options than you would get from ground-based sportsbooks.

Indy Car

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Same as with Formula 1, the Indy Car races are also in the category of open-wheel racing leagues. Although this race is based in North America, online sportsbooks such as BetTarget provides ways to bet on Indy Car Leagues the same as with any international race.

As Indy Car Leagues are based on the same methods as with F1, you can use the same betting options found on F1 with Indy Car Leagues.


Car Races Players Can Bet On 1 - Car Races Players Can Bet On

NASCAR draws most of the attention and the biggest crowds for races, especially in the US. NASCAR events have a variety of betting options to choose from online. The sportsbooks provide races to bet on almost every weekend. Week after week, you will see the same top racers facing each other on the track.

Using BetTarget provides you with the chance to bet by using a mobile device or any smart device with a Wi-Fi or data connection.