Upcoming Motor Shows in the UK - Upcoming Motor Shows in the UK

The UK loves cars, which is why 2021 through 2022 will see many car events and shows to attend. Car enthusiasts will find all the events on this list as a must-see show and will be able to experience and witness some of the most thrilling activities and showcases of cars in the UK.

This list provides information on some of the most anticipated upcoming car shows throughout the UK. The Shows on this list provide a great way for car club members to witness collectors and vintage cars as well as racing and 4×4 rallying.

One Last Mega Meet – Marthall, Knutsford – 20 November 2021

This event is hosted and organized by Secret Society – The Car Club. This event was going to be happening at the start of 2022 but was rescheduled to 20 November 2021 to end the year with a bang. Bring your classic, sport, or collectors’ car to showcase. The event will have food stalls, prizes, medals, entertainment, drinks, and more.

The event is not only hosted to share the love of great cars but also to raise money for the Breadline charity, which is based in Buxton.

Upcoming Motor Shows in the UK 1 - Upcoming Motor Shows in the UK

Normous Newark Autojumble – 21 November 2021

Normous Newark Autojumble will be taking place at the Newark Showground, Lincoln Rd. This event is for all car and motorcycle enthusiasts to enjoy a showcase of parts, restoration services, and related products.

This event is the perfect place for any enthusiast to find rare parts for collectors and vintage cars and to view some of the most sought-after collectors’ cars and motorcycles.

Autosport International – Europe’s #1 Motorsport Show – 13 January 2022

Autosport International stands as a great opportunity for motorsport brands, experts, professionals to network, trade and discuss their unique showpieces. They provide fans to meet like-minded professionals to discover the latest trends and innovations in automotive works. The event will start on the 13th of January and end on the 16th.

Unity Car Show – Malton Rd, Pickering – 30 April 2022

The Unity Car Show will showcase classic and sports cars and have a top 20 car selection awards competition. Club stands will also be available to book for car clubs around the UK. There will be many fun activities to see, such as a live truck pull. The event will also be doing fundraising for YAA by providing 40% of profits to the charity.