How to Bet on Motor Racing - How to Bet on Motor Racing

As with most sports in the UK, it is also possible to bet on a variety of motor racing events. A lot of online sportsbooks provide a great service and are trusted by many users.

Online sportsbooks such as BetTarget mobile casino can be used on mobile devices providing a great way to take part in online betting among club members when discussing possible race outcomes. These are some of the methods which can be used with motorsport betting in the UK.

Podium Finish

How to Bet on Motor Racing 1 - How to Bet on Motor Racing

Podium Finish betting is one of the most popular forms of betting for most car and race enthusiasts to use on online sportsbooks. How this form of betting is used is by betting on a specific driver to finish in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place or just within the top 3 finishing racers.

Fastest Qualifier

How to Bet on Motor Racing 2 - How to Bet on Motor Racing

Fastest Qualifier is a form of betting where a bet is placed in the sequences of qualifying laps. The bettor can choose who will start at the front of the line when the race kicks off.

Head-to-Head Winner

How to Bet on Motor Racing 3 - How to Bet on Motor Racing

Head-to-Head winner is one of the easiest forms of betting on any motorsport race. Some sportsbooks will call this option of betting Driver Match-Ups. How it works is that the bettor will place a bet on the racer that will likely take a higher position.

Top Six Finish

How to Bet on Motor Racing 4 - How to Bet on Motor Racing

Top Six Finish is another popular form of betting among many car enthusiasts. This form of betting works in such a way that the bettor only needs to bet on a driver ending within the top 6 positions of the race.

All these betting options work perfectly for beginners in betting and provide easy ways to play and learn more about the dynamics of motorsport betting. Researching various drivers and cars on each race is vital before placing a bet.