Why Join a Car Club - Why Join a Car Club?

The Popularity of Car clubs has been growing vastly throughout the last years in the UK, with many enthusiasts joining clubs for either racing purposes or just to showcase their collections.

Joining a club in the UK can help any enthusiast get more information on events and shows which they may not have known about. As many clubs focus on specific categories of cars, it’s important to choose one which will fit in with your needs and interests. Here we look at some of the advantages to look forward to when joining a car club.


Why Join a Car Club 4 - Why Join a Car Club?

Throughout the UK, many events are for members of clubs only. By joining some of the larger car clubs, you are provided with the chance of taking part in more events and shows. Most of the car shows and events are specifically catered to car clubs in specific categories such as vintage, sports, or 4×4.

Special Rates and Deals

Why Join a Car Club 3 - Why Join a Car Club?

Certain car clubs usually have deals with part retailers for discounted prices to club members, which provides you with the benefit of paying less for parts that are usually not very affordable.

Car clubs around the UK have long been taking care of their club members with special rates not only for parts and accessories but also with mechanical or restoration needing to be done on specific cars.

Get Advice

Why Join a Car Club 2 - Why Join a Car Club?

By joining a car club, you are provided with a chance to receive advice from fellow enthusiasts about where to source parts or how to sort out any other challenges on a vintage or sports car. Car clubs usually have special forums with professionals providing their advice on any questions you may have.

Advice from professionals in the business can provide many chances to learn more about how certain cars work, especially with vintage and classic cars.

Meet Other Car Enthusiasts

Why Join a Car Club 1 - Why Join a Car Club?

Meeting other car enthusiasts are always seen as one of the top benefits of joining a car club. By meeting other car enthusiasts, you can have great discussions and share ideas about how to maintain specific models.  Attending car shows and watching races are also more easily accessible when being a member of a car club.